Trying to Get a Kid a IEP or Placement for Day Treatment?

Question by Michelle: Trying to get a kid a IEP or placement for day treatment?
I am family advocate and am having trouble getting a mom help at her school, Her daughter has been DX with major depression, a few other things and it is was all caused by a trauma she went thru… sexual abuse by a family member. she is having a very hard time in school, she was in the 80’s now in the 60’s and misses school because she has a hard time facing other people. she has dr’s saying she needs day treatment instead of goingto a regular school, all the support she would need are right there at day treatment. the school did an eval on her but said she is not qualified for special education, they put a 504 plan in place but it is not working that great and the young girl is having alot of difficulty. the school told the mom that if them mom disclosed what trauma the girl had suffered they would consider day treatment. mom does not feel the school has any business knowing what happen as long as they are aware she has suffered trauma and has all the diagnosis’s from her dr’s. mom and I are trying to get her an IEP under the catagory Emotional disturbances, which i feel she falls under, or other mental health but the school just wont do it. Any help or any advice????
I never said I was a special ed advocate 1st of all, I said I was a FAMILY ADVOCATE.. I advocate for the parents, I go to family court, go to CSE meeting to help support the parents. I do not agree that mom does not want to tell the school what her daughters trauma was, i am not in that place to tell them either I do know IDEA.. Wrights law and thats not what I was asking, I am fully aware of the evaluation process for an IEP or 504 plan, I am fully aware that even though mom did not agree with the eval done at the school she can request an IEE at the schools expence by provider that the mom chooses even if the school does not want that evaluator. I amd fulyl aware of child find and all the other special ed laws out there so before you say things know your facts so you dont look like an idiot. An FYI she went from 85’s to 60’s and the school still says they dont see a problem with that, I do!! pretty clear her mental state is effecting her learning it does not take a genius to

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Answer by CathyD
Keep pushing the school. And keep calling over heads who tell you no. I don’t believe the school needs yo know what the trauma is. You have Dr confirmation saying she has x issue and needs x treatment. The school has no business in her medical record more then you allow.

Answer by JMITW
google parental rights in special ed

look into mediation and independent evaluations.

sometimes, they can assist with mental health placements.

the cause is something that would normally come out during an evaluation by the school psychologist or social worker……what exactly is the objection to disclosing? The personal therapist should be working with the child on being comfortable disclosing it to professionals…

i would think part of the day treatment would be discussing the cause of the trauma…

but, i would think it would be possible to make a placement with just ‘trauma induced depression’ as the rationale for the IEP category…

IDEA is a FEDERAL law that requires ALL states to have specific categories including ‘OHI’…ALL states must meet the minimum requirements.


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