Treating Depression


Treating depression – Dr. Donald Garcia works at FutureSearch, where they are launching a clinical trial of a new drug to treat depression. They are specifically looking for peopl…


Glencore muscles in on majors' LNG turf
LONDON – Commodities trading giant Glencore Xstrata's entry into high-margin liquefied natural gas trading could mark a turning point for a market long constrained by the grip of major oil companies on long-term supplies. Glencore has lured a four … Read more on Malaya

Burn notice, by Bob Vecchiotti
Most professionals would describe it as high anxiety or episodes of depression. It's typically first noticed and discussed at work or at … Take breaks during the workday to allow your energy level to rise naturally. Talking with family and friends … Read more on The Keene Sentinel

'I Was Born This Way'
The claim is that this is a natural part of human variability, no different from skin color or hair color or how tall you are. As an acquaintance — a generally conservative, … [I]ncreased rates of posttraumatic stress disorder, major depression … Read more on American Thinker