First Session With Eating Disorder Psychologist


First Session With Eating Disorder Psychologist – Just a round up of what happened when seeing the eating disorder specialist psychologist this morning. I apologise for my really weird hand gestures. Ignore …


Vyvanse shows promise for binge-eating disorder
Not a single medication is approved for treatment of binge-eating disorder, but that could change if the favorable results of an ongoing phase III randomized trial of lisdexamfetamine mirror those of a recently completed phase II study. Binge-eating … Read more on Clinical Psychiatry News Digital Network Launches To Help People Struggling With Eating
Obesity is becoming more and more normal in the U.S. and other countries, so it should be no surprise that eating disorder therapists are needed more than ever. With that also comes the need for ready and concise information about these therapists … Read more on San Francisco Chronicle (press release)