Top 10 Stories of 2013: Parsons Saga Leads the Way

Top 10 stories of 2013: Parsons saga leads the way
It did so on behalf of three local plaintiffs who say their constitutional rights were being violated by the Christian-specific invocations offered up by commissioners. Commissioners initially … They've gotten a lot of support, from residents filling … Read more on Salisbury Post

2013 Favs: Christian Persecution: Are We the 'New Jews'?
My reaction was exhaustion and depression and sadness, all rolled into a sigh. No more, indeed. This is especially sad, … Even the Muslim invasion of Christian lands and the subsequent subjugation of entire Christian populations that took place in … Read more on Patheos (blog)

Madam Sabrina’s Curse
A young man reaches out to a strange psychic to help him restore his youth and his passion for life.