Anorexia – Not Anorexia Nervosa?? but I Dont Think Im That Fat. Not Hungry at ALL?

Question by thefrenchguy: anorexia – not anorexia nervosa?? but i dont think im that fat. not hungry AT ALL?
yes im gonna list what i ate

yesterday i had hardly anything to eat
i had a roll (about 6 inches, like subway but just little bit of marmite, lucheon and lettuce – yes a little odd combination), about 4 cm of the fat end of a carrot, about 1 litre of water, and could hardly eat a mince and cheese pie for dinner. i wasnt even hungry AT ALL but knew i had to eat something, i felt sick after eating

today i had about half of a rather large apple about 1 1/2 of a tennis ball size, that was about 11.30am , and wasnt even hungry for that, by lunchtime i still wasnt hungry but knew i had to eat something (because i know its really bad not to eat) so i bought a burger which only had a piece of chicken and some weird sauce thing (maybe mayo? didnt check what it was lol just ate it)
so i got home and ate 1 muffin thing (the one you put in the toaster) with margarine and marmite, a small glass of cold milo (prob about 250ml approx) and parents bought fish and chips (very healthy family haha) i had a piece of fish and not even a hand full of chips

im 17, female, about 55kgs, im NOT fat, i am rather on the short side and about size 10 pants coz got muffin hips haha

but anyway, i looked on the internet and anorexia means lose of appetite, while anorexia NERVOSA means basically u starve yourself to loose weight

so am wondering your opinion as to if i have a eating disorder or anything else..

i think i might have something wrong with me because im usually depressed but not eating seems to make me happier yet not happier because i sort of worry if it will get out of control but i seem like ive got control of it..

i know its not that clear, i dont know how to explain it sorry

what do you think??

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Answer by A Nahni Moose
You might be sick. Everyone is happy when they can eat less and not feel hungry. I’m around your size, a little smaller, but have been though chronic illness and take medicine that makes me lose my appetite. I barely eat anything anymore. But if you’re not on any meds, you might get coming down with an illness. The fact that you worry about it proves you don’t have a disorder – my sister had this and all along she believed she had it under control while she just shriveled away. If you are depressed though, seek help. Call the Boy’s Town National Hotline, or talk to a trusted adult. Good luck!!

Answer by Charlie
You sound like an average sized girl. I think you may have stomach ulcers.

I lost 20kg with them. Haha I was 105kg to start with so may have been good in a way. I’m 185cm so not a bad weight now.

However the ulcers are unhealthy so I got rid of them. See a doctor tell them your symptoms.

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