To Triumph Over Negative “Mental Rut” Thinking?

Question by Mr.Kenny: To Triumph over negative “Mental Rut” thinking?
Please don’t suggest Drugs,etc.[legal or illicit] or mental health professionals.

Whether it’s been from job-loss,depression,failed friend-ship/marriage or from just being the personality type that has to make a constant effort to stay happy because you’re naturally “wired” negatively in your thoughts.How have you managed to keep your passion for life strong and refined/changed your attitude into a lasting positive spirit for the duration?

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Answer by Liliana Avalon
Look at the good/strong qualities of yourself, make a list of them and remind yourself of them. Reinforce them. E.g. If you have a thirst for knowledge, treat yourself to a documentary. If you are a generous person, donate to charity/do volunteer work.

Take time to unwind every now and again, soak in a nice warm bath, read a good book, spoil yourself with your favorite chocolate.

It is important to remember how badly stress can effect our bodies and our minds and how to have strategies to cope and deal with it.


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