The Kari Adams Show W/ Author & Life Coach of “the Continuous Appetite” Sophie Skover


The Kari Adams Show w/ Author & Life Coach of “The Continuous Appetite” Sophie Skover – Do you have the “Continuous Appetite?” Have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE thing,” or “Well, I’ve blown it. I might as well eat whatever I want now,” or perhaps, “Everything is out of my control; I might as well EAT”? If you have said one, or all of these things, at some point in your life, you very well may have ‘The Continuous Appetite’. Tune into this episode of The Kari Adams Show to hear The Continuous Appetite expert and author Sophie Skover discuss her own eating disorder, how she recovered from it and went on to help others recover with her ingenius treatment plan. With obesity rates currently at epidemic levels and eating disorder treatment centers seeing patients enroll in record numbers, the United States is clearly facing severe problems when it comes to food. If you have ever felt like a food addict, struggled with balancing your food intake, had problems maintaining a healthy weight or dieted or exercised at extremes to manipulate your weight, you have got to watch this episode of The Kari Adams Show.


Weight Loss Reality Star "Ruby" Dishes on Show's Failure

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“I didn't realize this is such an addiction,” Gettinger said. “Like alcoholism, drugs, you know?” Tennie McCarty, who was a counselor on Ruby, runs Shades of Hope, a treatment center for those with eating disorders. She said food addiction is not only …
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