Has “rehab” as an Excuse/scapegoat Gone to Far?

Question by g: Has “rehab” as an excuse/scapegoat gone to far?
time and time again, people do stupid things and say “I’m going to rehab”… and then it seems to be ok…

politicians, on both sides (foley to many kennedys)… and many stars… now Miss USA today…

is this a “get out of jail free” card now?

maybe I’m exagerating? what do you think?
ah… *too* far.. right?
well… a rare meeting of the minds… but I say… if you can’t hold your alcohol…don’t drink…

Best answer:

Answer by Chainsaw
Yes. It is a lack of leadership on Trump’s part. All we do is make excuses for bad behavior. The Miss USA should have been canned. She chose to drink and do drugs. She needs to be held accountable.

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