The Get REAL Campaign!


The Get REAL Campaign! – Get R.E.A.L. -Realistic Expectations and Attitudes for Life, is an innovative video outreach and prevention program that will be distributed to over 7000 sc…


Dried sardines: From poor man's food to rich man's diet
High income people are the ones eating the dried sardines because of its expensive price. It was once a poorman's food. According to him, when there is moonlight the price of sardines goes up and when there … Nutritionists say that sardines help in … Read more on IPPmedia

Health: Kernels of wise folklore
It is thought apples can help to prevent strokes and heart attacks, plus Cornell University researchers have found a link between apples and their ability to prevent breast cancer in primates. FILE. From old wives' tales to … A group of Italian … Read more on Hawke’s Bay Today