Almost 14 Years Old and I smOke Weed?

Question by nicolas: Almost 14 years old and i smOke weed?
I have smoked weed for about 5 months now, for the first 2 months about twice a month and during the summer once a week until the last month where it was almost everyday. Now I am back in school and I only smoke on weekends.. I mean i could stop wenever I want and my concentration in class is good and my grades are too… I dont know if its a problem. I think about it alot… What should I do?

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Answer by Grace
You should stop you could DIE soon , your addicted to it in my school they teach us about the things in the world .
it’s a problem did you tell your parents
your grades get low because your going to be addictied and want it every day of the week

Answer by Jilly Davies
Do you want to die very soon? STOP doing this, at your age life is very special, you could have a lifetime infront of you and not a death sentence. It is to late when the damage is done to your mind. Get help, talk to your parents or teachers in the UK we have the samaritans.

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