teleportation! – Hey guys! So here is the info we talked about earlier…in the video. Here is the point system: Fruits… +3pts total you can get in a day: 12 pts Whole Grains…+2pts total you can get in a day: 22pts Vegetables…+3pts total you can get in a day: 15pts Dairy…+2pts total you can get in a day: 6pts Protein…+3pts total you can get in a day: 9 pts Fats, Oils and sweets…+1 (-1 point for each additional serving) Water…5+ (there is no total for water!) Make sure to at least do some sort of exercise at least 30 minutes a day….+2pts. Eating disorder hotline: 1-800-711-2062 to contact us: Link to food pyramid:


Jimmy Savile, Andrew Marr, James Holmes and Alan Greaves

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Gill-Webb, who was sectioned after his first court appearance and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, pushed his way to the front of an exclusive seating area after getting into the stadium. BBC'S Marr recovering … A BBC spokesman said: “Andrew …
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