Teenage Depression


Teenage Depression – A video I made concerning mental health and depression and its profound significance on teenage souls, young adults, and children. Part of a goal to spread Teenage Depression Awareness. A Tipping Point Project. Video compiled by Me- Juan Plascencia Music- “Somebody’s Baby”- by the awesome Jon Foreman


by Hibr

Casual sex linked to teen depression

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Teens who engage in so-called "nonromantic sex" face substantially greater risks for depression. In contrast, dating and sexual activity within a stable, committed relationship is not linked to depressive symptoms. (Credit: "legs of couple" via …
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Topics of teen sibling fights affect anxiety, depression, self-esteem

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Rather, such fights are about equality and fairness, and they can lead to depression, according to a new study. The longitudinal research, by researchers at the University of Missouri, appears in the journal Child Development. Although teen siblings …
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