Diabetes, Inflammation, Cancer, Joint, Depression, Relief and Support Part 3


Diabetes, Inflammation, Cancer, Joint, Depression, Relief and Support Part 3 – www.takebackyourhealth.com •One way to build an income in private medical practice is to hook patients on drugs that continually require re-examination, testing and prescription renewal •Blood thinners require prothrombin tests to determine how long it takes the blood to clot. Blood pressure pills require monitoring of blood pressure. •Once patients start taking acid-blocking medications, it will be nearly impossible to stop taking them because withdrawal will provoke rebound acidity with throat-gripping pain •Critical examination of the effectiveness of prescription drugs reveals that there is •most prescription drugs are not only ineffective but may worsen the condition being treated •some of these medications appear to be designed to create life-long dependency upon the drug •some long standing drugs that are the hallmarks of modern medicine have begun to lose their biological punch •The major classes of prescription drugs are failures •most drugs are never designed to address the underlying biochemical causes of disease and may intentionally be designed to create life-long dependency •The number of prescriptions taken per capita in the United States has grown exponentially in the past 75 years http


Community giving: A way of life on the Outer Banks

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I am amazed at how well our churches work together, across denominations, to extend a helping hand to all of the above causes, as well as hurricane relief, clothing for those in need, and reaching out to the many international students who land on …
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Spotlight on Sayreville: Community strives to brighten holidays for Hurricane

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The quasi-public Sayreville Storm Relief agency, founded by the town council president with the mayor's blessing, continues to distribute clothes, blankets and othergoods. Some organizations and individuals, like the Sayreville Athletic Association …
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Living with postnatal depression: 'I felt terrified of motherhood and had no

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Deep down I knew that if I wasn't feeling so bad I wouldn't want to stop living but there didn't seem to be any relief for my dreadful feelings and thoughts. I confided in my husband and my GP. They were both very supportive and I was referred to a …
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