Bipolar disorder

Do Something About Hearing Loss During Better Hearing Month

...  About Hearing Loss During Better Hearing Month During the month of May Southwestern Hearing Centers is celebrating Better Hearing Month by working to raise awareness for hearing loss treatment and the increasing number of people suffering from hearing loss.… Continue reading

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder/manic Depression?

by Karina Lamontagne Question by seeingbacknow: symptoms of bipolar disorder/manic depression? hi my hubby was just told he has bipolar can someone please tell me what the signs are so that I can better understand him. Best answer: Answer… Continue reading

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Austin TX Call (512) 697 8600 Rehabilitation Center in Austin

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Are There Any Online Support Groups of People Who Have Loved Ones With Depression?

...  ‘The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)’ — DBSA is the leading patient-directed national organization focusing on the most prevalent mental illnesses, depression and bipolar disorder. The organization… Related Online Depression Support ...

Course Offers Help to Vicitms of Manic Depression

...  offers help to vicitms of manic depression BRIDPORT residents living with bipolar disorder can attend a 12-week course run by Dorset HealthCare every Wednesday from May 7 until July 30. The course will cover issues including stress management, its… Continue reading

Manic Depression?

by / // / Question by heres_helen: manic depression? Someone told me that there was more then one type of manic depression is this true?? thanks in advance Best answer: Answer by lisa1caresYes there is more then one type of… Continue reading

Bipolar Disorder or Depression?

by infomatique Question by : Bipolar Disorder or Depression? I think I have one of these because it’s like one minute I’m talking rapidly and I’m happy and energized then the next I’m upset and refuse to speak to anyone.… Continue reading

Season Finale Revives 'Shameless'

...  finale revives 'Shameless' After the triumph of Mickey's coming-out brawl, his relationship with Ian is put under new stress when Ian starts displaying symptoms of bipolar disorder, a mental illness that also afflicts his mother, Monica. When the… Continue reading

What Are the Best Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers Around the Utica N.Y. Area?

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Am I a Manic-Depressive?

...  of mental disorder. Any answers welcome. thanks Best answer: Answer by jimbeam4meyour psychologist is suppose to answer that get another opinion from another psychologist Answer by Black RainbowDo you usually just feel depressed or are there symptoms of mania… Continue reading