Am I a Manic-Depressive?

Question by : Am i a manic-depressive?
I’ve been on welbutrin xl 150 mg for around 4-5 months ( i dropped to 100 mg little less than a month ago). My psychologist said i scored 21 out of 40 on the depression test. He said that it was “pretty high”. Yet he has given me no diagnosis of any kind and i am curious if i have any kind of mental disorder. Any answers welcome. thanks

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Answer by jimbeam4me
your psychologist is suppose to answer that get another opinion from another

Answer by Black Rainbow
Do you usually just feel depressed or are there symptoms of mania as well? If you’re only being prescribed an antidepressant, it’s likely that you’re not being treated for manic-depression (which usually requires a mood-stabilizer as well).

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