Symptoms of Depression Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)


Symptoms of depression Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) – Depression affects millions of people worldwide and is characterized by feelings of sad mood, hopelessness, irritability, fatigue and loss of interest in once pleasurable activities. Depression symptoms vary from person to person, but many people who are feeling down for more than several weeks, may be clinically depressed. http


Xanax 'helps me be a better mom'

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The common definition of depression states that a multitude of the following symptoms be present for a two-week period: fatigue and decreased energy, feelings of pessimism, overeating or appetite loss, insomnia or early-morning wakefulness, loss of …
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The patients prescribed up to 25 different drugs a day with devastating results

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'To be fair, my GP is pretty good at checking up on how I get on with new drugs — the problem is like most people I just wasn't aware that some of the symptoms I had were actually side-effects of drugs.' But last November, after Jean experienced dizzy …
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Patients Often Ill-Informed on Impact of Heart Device

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After receiving an ICD, many of the patients experienced symptoms of depression, anxiety and changes in their body image. They said these possible side effects were not mentioned in discussions they had with their doctor before the procedure. Also …


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