Sean Fitzpatrick Writes a Poem for Sydney baranger_0001.wmv


sean fitzpatrick writes a poem for sydney baranger_0001.wmv – IN 2009, Sean fitzpatrick (Ex anglo-irish bank chief ) was shafted from his job and unfairly blamed by b oth the media and the fickle general irish public for the worldwide recession in which they found themselves in!The legend goes that professional tables player Sydney Baranger was just in ireland on a passing visit to do some promotion work for his sport when he was compeled to stay as he was so deeeply moved by Sean’s story!! he set up fundraising events and themed weeks in Sean’s name!! in this video, Sean Fitzpatrick writes a poem to professional tables player and charity worker Sydney Baranger to express his gratitude to sydney for his kindness and the generous way that he set up ‘THE SYDNEY BARANGER FOUNDATION FOR SEAN FITZPATRICK’ which was designed to help both financially support sean fitzpatrick (as he was shafted from his job by the powers that be) and help boost sean’s morale, lift him out of depression and help sean regain his faith in humanity who have to date let him down so badly!!!


Can Depression Help People Be More Creative?

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Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison has written a number of books, including a memoir, about bipolar disorder. She reportedly first planned her own suicide at 17, and attempted to carry it out at 28. Can such a profoundly challenging mental health issue …
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Study: Exercise may stave off depression in severely obese

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Zuckerman added the study provides an “important first step” in understanding higher risk of hip implant failure in women, but longer follow-up is necessary to help reduce the likelihood of revision surgery. “What is urgently needed is long-term …


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