Support Groups Can Help With Many Illnesses

Support groups can help with many illnesses
DEPRESSION SUPPORT GROUP: Johnson City, Tenn., 607 E. Myrtle Ave., Johnson City Seniors' Center, every Monday, 3 p.m. meeting for lingering sadness, loneliness, grief or loss, of if you are being affected by a loved-one expressing these symptoms, we … Read more on

Failing to clear Class 10 exam thrice, girl kills self
The girl went into depression, police said and thus was sent to her aunt's house in Thudiyalur to stay with her relatives. However, she ended … However, she succumbed while undergoing treatment at the Ramakrishna Hospital on Friday evening. The … Read more on Times of India

Depression linked to accelerated cognitive decline in diabetes
"Adjustment for progressively more extensive lists of demographic and clinical covariates did little to change the differences in means or statistical significance," the investigators said, noting that when the PHQ-9 score was entered into the models … Read more on Clinical Endocrinology News Digital Network

Sad Mood Feeling Low HD: Wasay Farooqui
Feeling Low, Sad Mood.