'My Mum Helped Me Beat Anorexia – Now I Can Enjoy Chocolate'

'My mum helped me beat anorexia – now I can enjoy chocolate'
Aoife Duffy is a 19-year-old student with the world at her feet. She's happy and healthy, and enjoying her studies in Hospitality Management in DIT. Yet just four years ago, her life was in disarray when the Dublin girl was diagnosed with an eating … Read more on Irish Independent

JOHN CARLSON: Take your teeth to some tasty ears
Other than using tongs to fish the ears out of the boiling water, eating sweet corn is, for me, a tool-free endeavor. No more of those pesky, two-pronged, corn stickers like my Mom used to make me use. For one thing, I could never get them stuck in … Read more on Muncie Star Press

Bulimia Project Beginning
Rough Draft.