Steve Jobs: Genius or Just Obsessive-Compulsive?

Steve Jobs: Genius or just obsessive-compulsive?
There's some evidence that Jobs — who was never actually diagnosed with OCPD (Kendall asserts that he's simply suggesting the diagnosis, based on current criteria) — also had an eating disorder that's frequently associated with OCPD. "He struggled on … Read more on Mother Nature Network

The X-Files turns 20
Whether that part was confined to an hour a week, or an inspiration to research the extraordinary and bizarre (and unexplained), a compulsion to devour every last scrap of information – which required considerable effort in a time when the Internet was … Read more on The Star Online

New Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Center Opens in La Jolla, San Diego
Located within a residential neighborhood in beautiful La Jolla, Center for Discovery San Diego focuses on treating adolescent and teen females and males, ages 10 to 19, who are dealing with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating … Read more on

Warning this is not a joke.. Part 4
The 4th part.