Playing Prokofiev Is a Pain

Playing Prokofiev Is a Pain
The players filled out a series of questions designed to measure performance anxiety, generalized anxiety, and depression. They were then asked how often, and how severely, they experienced performance-related musculoskeletal disorders, which the … Read more on Pacific Standard (blog)

Travis Baumgartner faces one of the harshest penalties issued since Canada
Mr. Shegelski, a former Canadian soldier, said he suffered severe emotional detachment after returning from the Afghanistan war — an apathy that only lightened when he met his future wife. … Since her death, he said, he spiraled into a deep depression. Read more on National Post

Stalin's tragic love story killed by small German pistol
Svetlana Alliluyeva wrote that her mother was deeply depressed in the last days before her death. "The nanny heard her many times saying that she … "Apparently, difficult childhood led to the development of a severe disease – Nadezhda had the … Read more on Pravda