Spider-Man #700 – Anti-Depression Support System


Spider-Man #700 – Anti-Depression Support System – Not liking Dan Slott’s Spidey #700…? Take a look at these alternatives to bring up your mood! ;p Friend Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/johnnysXebl…


Paris Jackson. Photo: Getty
Paris Jackson's hospitalisation Wednesday for an suicide attempt came after a lengthy depression, a source close to the Jackson family tells WHO exclusively. "Paris has been very, very depressed for a while. She's been throwing fits and tantrums … Read more on marie claire magazine Australia

Scars of war leads to depression and drug abuse among Iraqi women
The religious and tribal norms make it very difficult to talk about, much less get help for, the depression many of them now suffer. As a consequence, drugs have become an underground escape. Areej Mohan is a 33-year-old housewife. Although married for … Read more on Your Middle East

Carers group backs calls for depression screening
“Identifying carers as early as possible in their caring journey is important, as it means they are getting access to much needed support earlier, hopefully reducing any stress or depression. “It can also prevent crises from happening because they are … Read more on Sunderland Echo

New Study – Acupuncture Works for Anxiety, Depression & PMS
Researchers from the Harvard Medical School (Boston, Massachusetts) and the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center (Washington, DC) conclude that “there is high-level evidence to support the use of acupuncture for treating major depressive … Read more on HealthCMI