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Cindy Jacobs, Television Prophet, Says Native Americans Must Repent For
It "distorts the conversation" and "you will never be able to remedy it with natural remedies," such as counseling. Side effects of the demonic spirit may also include depression, anger and confusion, according to the prophet. Jacobs is not alone in … Read more on Huffington Post

The Search for Mental Illness and Addiction in the Brain, Part IV: The BRAIN
It is past time to solve questions with profound implications for tens of millions who will benefit from treatments for depression, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, autism and many other disorders." We can see that we are shooting at something of a … Read more on Huffington Post

Keep government in its place
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his 1932 Commonwealth Club speech, sketched New Deal remedies that grew government. He sided with Thomas Jefferson. FDR referred to the American Revolution and lifted up Jefferson as a prime pro-government initiator. Read more on Vail Daily News