Speaker Shares Insight on Post-Traumatic Stress

Speaker shares insight on post-traumatic stress
Delaney, a former referee in the National Basketball Association from 1987 to 2011, knows all about PTS and PTSD, having survived the conditions after a long career as a decorated trooper with the New Jersey State Police, including undercover work with … Read more on Fort Leavenworth Lamp

A change in diet could help banish the 'winter blues' Seasonal Affective Disorder
According to the SAD Association (SADA), treatment is effective within three or four days, and the effect continues if the box is used daily. The nutrients we get can also have a big impact on mood. One of the first to take a dive in winter is … "A … Read more on Bristol Post

How food affects your mood
The truth is that what you eat affects your disposition. Dietary choices bring … Studies show that people who choose a Mediterranean diet improve alertness and contentment and there is an association between positive emotions and foods such as fruit … Read more on Cayman Net News