Local Family Continues to Heal by Turning Tragedy Into Hope

Local family continues to heal by turning tragedy into hope
The Barbers' concern is that outpatient services don't meet the needs of certain patients, especially those like Josh: well-functioning adults struggling with depression who refuse treatment. These patients are able to make their own choices, but their … Read more on Jamestown Press

The Pera-Chen Method: Urinary Incontinence, and How Stem Cell Therapy May
In the past I could wait all day between trips to the restroom — what if I now had to use the facilities every 45 minutes? Would I spend the rest of my life … Isolation, loneliness, and depression can take over a person's life. Surgery may help. But … Read more on Huffington Post

Japan's Cut-Price Nuclear Cleanup
The prime minister's exhortation was directed at almost 6,000 technicians and engineers, truck drivers and builders who, almost three years after the plant suffered a triple meltdown, remain on the frontline of the world's most hazardous industrial … Read more on Japan Focus

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