Social Media and Anorexia


Social Media and Anorexia – For my Research Project I am investigating the influence Social Media and Networking sites have on the illness, Anorexia. This video will help support my fin…


Eating disorder help
People suffering from eating disorders will be sharing stories about their personal journey to help others with their recovery at an event this weekend. Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has organised the educational event which is being … Read more on ITV News

Eating disorders support to change
Plans for a specialist service to help people with eating disorders provide only a part-time dietitian and psychiatrist. A consultation paper has been released in South Australia on issues of assessment, care and community-based services. SA Health … Read more on ABC Online

Understanding Early Childhood Feeding And Eating Disorders
In the following chapters, Dr. Chatoor helps parents understand and deal with specific feeding problems, whether a child is eating too little, is selective, may be fearful of eating, or eats too much. This step-by-step instructional guide aims to … Read more on