Since Liberal Democrats Think That Animals Should Have the Same Rights as Humans?

Question by THE BLACK DEVIL #15: Since liberal Democrats think that animals should have the same rights as humans?
How long after we get socialist health care will they demand that they should be able to take Rover to the veterinarian at tax payer expense too?

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Answer by R J
Ha, ha, ha, that’s too much, you are a hoot. You know how all these kids and people go around shooting all the poor people, well the media doesn’t want us to know it but most are on sSRIs for depression, no joke. That monkey (chimp) that attacked the lady, well he was on the stuff because he was depressed, they are even giving a friends puppy prozac cause the vet things it’s depressed. Anyway when you see someone ‘snapped” and shot a bunch, read the article and sometimes lyou have to dig, but it leads back to this and since the pharmacutical lobbyist have tons of cash to hand out, Congress does nothing.

So what you say may very well happen, if it does open a pet shop and you wil sell a bunch of dovermen dogs and German shepards.

IN a way it may be good they are using it on the animals, cause you know the one that is suppose to “help” you quit smoking, well they say that police, emergency people and pilots cannot take it, wonder why?

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