Rehab Centers: [Robot–a Member of (Re)habilitation Team].

[Robot–a member of (re)habilitation team].

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Med Pregl. 2012 Nov-Dec; 65(11-12): 507-10
Krasnik R, Mikov A, Golubovi? S, Komazec Z, Komazec SL

INTRODUCTION: The rehabilitation process involves a whole team of experts who participate in it over a long period oftime. DEVELOPMENT OF ROBOTICS AND ITS APPLICATION IN MEDICINE: The Intensive development of science and technology has made it possible to design a number of robots which are used for therapeutic purposes and participate in the rehabilitation process. ROBOTICS IN MEDICAL REHABILITATION: During the long history of technological development of mankind, a number of conceptual and technological solutions for the construction of robots have been known. By using robots in medical rehabilitation it is possible to implement the rehabilitation of peripheral and central motor neurons by increasing the motivation of patients for further recovery and effectiveness of therapy. The paper presents some technological solutions for robot-assisted rehabilitation of patients of different age groups and some possibilities of its use in the treatment. CONCLUSION: Using robots in standard physiotherapy protocols that involve a number of repetitions, exact dosage, quality design and adaptability to each individual patient leads to the significant progress in the rehabilitation of patients.
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