Signs of Depression


Signs of Depression – Signs of Depression: This guide will help you understand what are the signs of Depression and more det…


Jury to begin deliberating in Vegas hep C case
Neither Desai, the former owner of clinics blamed for a 2007 Las Vegas hepatitis C outbreak nor a former employee took the witness stand before the defense rested in their state trial on criminal charges that could get them decades in prison if they're … Read more on Colorado Springs Gazette

Dr. Branstad(?): It Is ALL About Control
There are the obvious acts through which a segment of the population loses control over their own lives such as all the regulations imposed on abortion clinics which in effect take away choice for women. Having a child imposes huge societal controls on … Read more on Blog for Iowa (blog)

A Toast To The Douchebags, A Toast To The Homophobes
Sometimes, the most determined homophobes stick to their claim that same-sex marriage is a threat to “traditional” marriage to the point where I start to wonder if they really do believe it. But really, the only way you could really believe that is if … Read more on Raw Story