[Should Treatment of Mild Depression Be Exclusively Psychotherapeutic? Against.]

[Should treatment of mild depression be exclusively psychotherapeutic? Against.]

Nervenarzt. 2013 Mar; 84(3): 388-389
Hegerl U

HubMed – depression


[Developmental process of DGPPN quality indicators.]

Nervenarzt. 2013 Mar; 84(3): 350-365
Großimlinghaus I, Falkai P, Gaebel W, Janssen B, Reich-Erkelenz D, Wobrock T, Zielasek J

BACKGROUND: Valid and feasible quality indicators can measure healthcare quality and show potential for improvement in care. The German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) has developed trans-sectoral quality indicator sets for four mental disorders with high prevalence (alcohol dependence, dementia, depression and schizophrenia). MATERIAL AND METHOD: The DGPPN followed a structured multistage process and used guideline recommendations and the results of systematic evidence searches as the basis for the development of these quality indicators. This was followed by a structured consensus process for all quality indicators. RESULTS: Four evidence and consensus-based, diagnosis-specific and trans-sectoral quality indicator sets have been developed. CONCLUSION: It is possible to develop quality indicators on the basis of guideline recommendations. The implementation of the DGPPN quality indicators will play a crucial role in order to evaluate their utility and feasibility as quality measures for German mental healthcare. HubMed – depression