Should I Go to the Hospital Because of My Eating Disorder?

Question by :): Should I go to the hospital because of my eating disorder?
So, Im 15 and in the past few months I dropped from 5’6 and 149 to 130. I have actually had an eating disorder since i was about 12, and its just gotten worse. Now i can purge anywhere from one to four times a day. I also eat anywhere from 700-1100 calories a day right now. But ln the past few weeks i just cant keep food down (not physically, but i just need to purge). I havent kept anything in about a week. yesterday I was sitting in class, and everything became muffled out. I could just hear and feel my heart racing so fast, and I couldnt breate. After about 15 seconds it stopped, i think its called a palpitation?? And ive also been having chest pains in the past few days and feeling a bit dizzy and just not myself.

should I go to the hospital, or will they just laugh at me and send me on my way? what should I do, and how do i tell this to my mom.

Ive also been pretty shaky today, and am having on and off chest pains
I would talk to my outpatient team, but im not seeing them for a little while.

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Answer by Lacy
You should go. You can be boarder line heart attack cause you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Edit: are you kidding me? Any time someone has angina they need to see a doctor. Dont ever tell anyone that angina isnt serious! Im a CNA as well as a nursimg student getting my BSN. So shut the hell up you idiot. Girl…go to the hospital. Seriously.

Answer by S
Yes you should , you need to get help so you can get back on the right track 🙂
Tell her that your having pains and that you need to go to the hospital so you can get better

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