I Have to Find Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Benicia, California. Help?

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Question by carissa r: I have to find drug rehabilitation centers in Benicia, California. Help?
I’m interested in knowing how drug rehabs are being managed and how they hire workers as well as accept or reject patients. I want to know the principles that they abide by, as well as the treatment programs that they offer. I would like to interview someone who manages a drug rehab so that I may be able to compare how one drug rehab is different from another.

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Answer by aiyana ts
Hmm… That sounds like an interesting project.

Well, it’s easy to find drug rehabilitation centers. Just looking in the local yellow pages will already yield results. You can also choose to use the links below, or call your local health services administration to ask for a list of rehabs. Good luck! I wish you’d get to find all the information you need. 🙂

Answer by jen t

California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs 🙂

(it’s a statewide office that can help you locate programs in your exact area)

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