Sex Differences in the Neural Mechanisms Mediating Addiction: A New Synthesis and Hypothesis.

Sex differences in the neural mechanisms mediating addiction: a new synthesis and hypothesis.

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Biol Sex Differ. 2012 Jun 7; 3(1): 14
Becker JB, Perry AN, Westenbroek C

ABSTRACT: In this review we propose that there are sex differences in where and how men and women enter onto the path that can lead to addiction. Males are more likely than females to engage in risky behaviors that include experimenting with drugs of abuse, and in susceptible individuals, they are drawn into the spiral that can eventually lead to addiction. Women and girls are more likely to begin taking drugs as self-medication to reduce stress or alleviate depression. For this reason women enter into the downward spiral further along the path to addiction, and so transition to addiction more rapidly. We propose that this sex difference is due, at least in part, to sex differences in the organization of the neural systems responsible for motivation and addiction. Additionally, we suggest that sex differences in these systems and their functioning are accentuated with addiction. In the current review we discuss historical, cultural, social and biological bases for sex differences in addiction with an emphasis on sex differences in the neurotransmitter systems that are implicated.
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Evolution of concept, but not action, in addiction treatment.

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Subst Use Misuse. 2012 Jun; 47(8-9): 1041-8
Arria AM, McLellan AT

The Western approach to addiction treatment involves a medical or disease orientation to understanding the onset, course, and management of addiction, and a clinical goal of abstinence or very significant reductions in drug use, usually with a combination of behavioral and pharmacological interventions. Even within this Western approach, and despite several consensually accepted features of addiction, a significant mismatch remains between what this culture has come to accept as the nature of the disease and how that same culture continues to treat the disease. This paper discusses the evolution of these Western concepts over the past decade without a corresponding evolution in the nature, duration, or evaluation standards for addiction treatment. (1) Here, we take the position that continuing care and adaptive treatment protocols, combining behavioral therapies, family and social supports, and, where needed, medications show much promise to address the typically chronic, relapsing, and heterogeneous nature of most cases of serious addiction. By extension, methods to evaluate effectiveness of addiction treatment should focus upon the functional status of patients during the course of their treatment instead of post-treatment, as is the evaluation practice used with most other chronic illnesses.
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The science and practice of medication-assisted treatments for opioid dependence.

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Subst Use Misuse. 2012 Jun; 47(8-9): 1026-40
Pecoraro A, Ma M, Woody GE

This paper briefly reviews the evolution of opioid addiction treatment from humanitarian to scientific and evidence-based, the evidence bases supporting major medication-assisted treatments and adjunctive psychosocial techniques, as well as challenges faced by clinicians and treatment providers seeking to provide those treatments. Attitudes, politics, policy, and financial issues are discussed.
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Face-eating victim faces numerous surgeries, rehab

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Poppo also may need many hours of psychological counseling or other medical treatment to deal with addiction or substance abuse. "The fact is, a civil society has a certain moral obligations to its citizens," said Kenneth Goodman, director of the …
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Brooke Mueller 'checks herself into rehab AGAIN for substance abuse after

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By Jade Watkins She left rehab in February after being treated for substance abuse following an arrested in Colorado for cocaine possession. And it seems that Brooke Mueller is struggling to stay clean as she has once again checked herself in for the …
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