Severe Depression Relief With the Option Process® at the Option Institute

Severe Depression Relief with The Option Process® at The Option Institute The personal growth and development programs at The Option Institute are engaging, interactive and dynamic. We believe in experiential …



Stroke Causes and Prevention
Reports from patients show severe frustration as a result of losing function of major relied upon body parts, and, or being unable to communicate their needs to others as a result of their speech being affected, may in turn lead to clinical depression … Read more on Guardian Liberty Voice

Undiagnosed Mental Distress Hinders Productivity
For major depression, the factors with the greatest impact on work-related outcomes were insomnia and hypersomnia (sleeping too much), indecisiveness and severe emotional distress. For women with major depression, fatigue was an additional important … Read more on

Winter Depression Is Real, And It's Hit CT
Fighting the winter blues? You aren't alone. About 2% of people in Connecticut report symptoms so severe they meet criteria for clinical depression. 90% of people tell Yale New Haven Hospital's Winter Depression Clinic that they feel worst in the … Read more on FOX CT