Is Hills Prescription Diet a High Quality Food for My Cat?

Question by Sixth_Sense: Is Hills Prescription Diet a high quality food for my cat?
My cat recently had a suspected UTI so my vet had me give her Hills c/d.
I am very particular about what I feed her and was giving her Wellness before this.
It is all she has ever known and though she is not picky, I am and I prefer the natural ingredients of Wellness to the crud I’ve seen listed in Hills.
I know this particular food is good for cats with urinary problems, and I know it’s a prescription diet…so it MUST be good, but is it high quality?

Any suggestions for an alternative high quality natural food for cats with urinary problems?

Thank you
I know there is a Wellness Complete Health formula for this problem, but would it be good to take her off the prescribed food?
I was feeding her dry food with wet food as snacks.
Now her wet c/d food is all she gets.

Best answer:

Answer by jay
My cat had bladder stones when he was about 5 yrs. old and ended up having to eat Hills C/D as well. He lived on it for about 10 years (unfortunately passed at 15yrs. old) and seemed very happy with it. If you still don’t like Hills, you should really talk to your vet about other options. Dealing with urinary problems is a tricky business and they really need a specific diet to control it. Better to ask someone who really knows than to take a chance! Good luck.

Answer by cat lover
It is not the only prescription food out there, and it was part of the March recall of cat foods, so make sure it is not part of the recalled lots. Do an on-line search for other prescription products, although as a prescription product, it might be more convenient to stick with what you get readily from your vet. Despite what many might think, it is not a real profitable business to stock prescription cat foods by the vet.

I would not have a problem with Hills products.

You might also consider giving your cat Cosequin, which will help the bladder wall.

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