Saving Mr. Banks Review: Behold the Unclassic Curmudgeon

Saving Mr. Banks review: behold the unclassic curmudgeon
(Oh my goodness, but Colin Farrell [Epic] as her dad is powerful in a way we haven't seen the actor before; at first we see him as his young daughter does, as a happy-go-lucky free spirit, and later we come to realize that he was probably manic … Read more on Flick Filosopher (blog)

Brain scientist James Fallon discovers his inner psychopath
After looking at my genetic tests, I had to change my tune. It's not that I don't believe in biological impact but the more I studied it I began to … I was later diagnosed as mild bi-polar. I love the hypomania I have, I really like it. It is … Read more on Toronto Star

New respite center opens for people in a mental health crisis
George Ehrlick, a cheerful man who can talk up a storm, describes himself as “a manic depressive with a handful of OCDs.” He's also an accomplished member of the local mental health … Approved by Sacramento County supervisors, the funding mechanism … Read more on Sacramento Bee

New lithium guide for patients
Lithium is a commonly prescribed medication, effective in the acute treatment of mania, in the prevention of bipolar disorder, and is used in addition to antidepressants in treatment-resistant depression. Patients taking lithium require monitoring of … Read more on Irish Health

My Secrets..
My entire life I’ve kept things bottled up inside.. After all this time I’m finally venting.. Hoping it will make me feel even a little better.. Please do me…