Recent Editorials From Texas Newspapers

Recent editorials from Texas newspapers
She will require that the 16-year-old enter a residential treatment facility to deal with his substance abuse problem and other issues and live under court supervision for 10 years. Dewhurst told the Senate committee to "review cases involving the … Read more on

Please Respect Our Comprehensive Plan
Camden's existing commercial zones already allow for a drug and alcohol rehab facility in our community. Spot Zoning Fox Hill on Bay View Street to commercial zoning would forever change the nature of this historic neighborhood and set a precedent that … Read more on

From the Publisher: It's a Wrap
Although they can't technically tell us how to do it, they are virtually mandating a sewer in the Civic Center and surrounding area for commercial property by 2015 and residential property by 2019. Right now though, the city is about nine months behind … Read more on Malibu Times