Salmonella Outbreaks Expose Weaknesses in USDA Oversight

Salmonella outbreaks expose weaknesses in USDA oversight
"This isn't your grandmother's salmonella," said Sarah Klein, an attorney for Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a nonprofit health watchdog group. Noah Craten was 18 months old when he ended up in an Arizona … The agency declared a … Read more on Clinton Herald

Dylan Farrow's molestation claims highlight complexity of assessing children
Anyone over the age of 35 likely remembers the Fells Acres Daycare Center trial in which three daycare center workers at the Malden facility were convicted of sexually abusing 40 preschoolers—based on what turned out to be questionable testimony from … Read more on (blog)

Ke$ ha to postpone US tour dates
USA TODAY – Pop star Ke$ ha, who's spent the past few weeks in a rehab facility dealing with an eating disorder, is unsurprisingly postponing some dates of her U.S. tour this spring. "I was so looking forward to performing at these dates but I need to … Read more on