Inside a Mental Hospital Called Jail

Inside a Mental Hospital Called Jail
CHICAGO — THE largest mental health center in America is a huge compound here in Chicago, with thousands of people suffering from manias, psychoses and other disorders, all surrounded by high fences and barbed wire. Just one thing: It's a jail. The … Read more on New York Times

Striking a Nerve: TBI Survivors 'Need an Advocate'
Not being medically trained she was a little overwhelmed with the monitors, equipment alarms, and the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the ICU in a trauma center. She was asked for consent on procedures … My ICU course was complicated by large … Read more on MedPage Today

Study says Wisconsin colleges lead the nation in alcohol arrests
The Drugs on Campus study, released by, which rates drug rehabilitation programs and information for addicts, places UW-Oshkosh, UW-Stout and UW-La Crosse as 1, 4, 10 in the nation's top 20 for most alcohol arrests per 1,000 students … Read more on

Drug Addiction. Is it a Disease? FAQ 6
Drug Addiction. Is it a disease? Drug Addiction, Is it a Disease? In this video I expose the fundamental flaw in the rationale of the …