Research Paper Introduction…Help!?

Question by Katie: Research Paper Introduction…Help!?
I’m writing a research paper on Eating Disorders, and I really need a little inspiration on the introduction paragraph. I would like to include what an eating disorder is (I have the definition already) and my thesis which I also have. I just need assistance on the structure of the introduction. Thank you so much!

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Answer by Linda
It’s good to include a statistic or definition. maybe say something like “eating disorders affect the lives of millions of people each and every day, both the person with the disorder or people they come into contact with. It is (insert definition).” then why it concerns you/ researchers. what generally causes eating disorders (it is a mental disease that affects the way one perceives him/herself, usually started because they feel like they don’t have control and this is the only thing they can control.) How people can help. it really depends on what your body paragraphs are going to be. you’re usually supposed to have a sentence that gives an insight as to what you will be writing about. Hope this helped!

Answer by Erika
I don’t know what you meant my “inspiration” but I can help you with the structure of an introductory paragraph.
When you write an introduction paragraph, you need an opening sentence, or a statement/belief. So, if I were writing a paper on (I don’t know, let me think of something) uh, why dogs need affection, I would say something like, “Dogs are loyal pets, but only if they are treated correctly.”
The next two or three sentences are supporting evidence, or the main ideas for your body paragraphs. So I would write, “Animals that are neglected are abused tend to be aggressive. However, if you treat your dog with love and care, they will return the effort to you through loyalty and friendship.”
(Lol, this example is so cheesy. Sorry!)
Finally, I would need a conclusion sentence, that sums up this pre-summary of my essay. So, I would write, “Learning how to treat your dog is beneficial and an important thing to do.”

And let me finish my saying that you must NEVER (EVER!) start by saying, “I am going to,” or “this will be about,” or anything that starts with “I.” Got it?

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