Alternative Treatments for Depression and Anxiety?

Question by SuperGurl78: Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety?
My husband was diagnosed with depression 6 years ago. He has been on several types of medication, they all work for a while and then they just STOP. I have studied alternative medication for 2 years. My husband really doesn’t want to be on the pills anymore, so I have been giving him the Sam-E supplements along with St Johns Wort and a Stress tab with energy. I am wondering what else I could be doing. I was giving him a Kava/valerian supplement for his anxiety but recently he started to state that he was exhausted, so I started giving him the stress tabs instead. They are like an energy vitamin with iron. Does anyone know anything that can help me, I am doing the best I know how. Do homeopathic clinics take insurance?
Although I appreciate the Godly sermon, I know that depression is a combination of a chemical imbalance in the brain and specific deficiencies. My husband was born an oddly “sad” child. His parents went to church, his mother was fully devoted to him. Lack of God and family has nothing to do with the reason my husband has been depressed his entire life. They thought it was just who he was and let it go, but when he was 26 he went to a doctor and was told he was depressed. He is very different without his medication, I’m not sure the alternatives will work for him, but we are trying.

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Answer by oldtimekid
Unfortunately, a lot of drugs stop working because your body actually recovers from what the drugs take away…. and yes, drugs commonly shut down something in your body to prevent certain symptoms.

It’s very admirable that you’ve been researching natural alternatives… so few people do. You’re on the right track with Sam-E and St. John’s Wart… those are two of the most popular mood supplements. In addition to that, you can try things like 5-HTP/Tryptophan (which is for sleep and mood), and Rhodiola Rosea… you can also try Fish Oil, B-12, or dark chocolate (they don’t typically help as much as some herbs, but some people get a lot of help from them).

Some items that help with sleep and/or relaxation (like Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, or Melatonin) may help with anxiety as well…. but he might only be able to take those at night.
Energy supplements don’t help the mood as much as just giving someone more of a desire to get out and do things, so some people get no help for their depression from those, while some people get a lot of benefit.

As far as Homeopathic clinics…. it depends on if they have MDs or Chiropractors there as well. Some can take insurance for all services (if they “re-label” the services in some cases), some can take it for certain services, and some can’t take it at all. Most insurances won’t accept Homeopathic as “legitamit medical treatments” (which I think is stupid… but that’s my opinion), so check with the clinic to see if they can or not.

Answer by peacemaker
First off, your husband is lucky to have you. Omega 3 works well for some people…there is a product called OmegaBerry that is very beneficial. I know you can get it on purity products online, I’m not sure where else. Also, eating healthy and regular exercise can be a huge help for depression and anxiety.

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