Rehabilitation Court Aproved Drug Program?

Question by sweetie: rehabilitation court aproved drug program?

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Answer by Br1tney23
Depends on what state you are in and what program you are entering. Many programs treat different addictions, some treat all. Check with your lawyer/DA to determine if a program is the appropriate solution to your legal issue. My ex-boyfriend got caught with drugs and had to go to an intensive rehabilitation program for 10 months and then to a half-way house, where he has been for 7 months now. Rehabilitation programs as a way to get out of jail take 1-2 years to complete so be mindful of what you are doing. You don’t have much more freedom than jail and will most likely also be placed on probation or parole, depending on the severity of the charges. They are often approved by the court, just be sure of the length of treatment and outcome before making your final decision.

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