Do I Have Anxiety/depression?

Question by Blithe: do i have anxiety/depression?
Ok hi everyone (I’m using a friend’s yahoo to ask this question) 🙂 sorry if there’s misspelling but I’m 14 and a girl. I think I have anxiety. My dad has anxiety it might be passed down but I don’t know. For one, I worry a lot, like my grades or the future. So I live with my aunt (who’s mentally retarded, she may get abused by my grandma, like my grandma would call her name or hit my aunt when she doesn’t behave becaus her like brain age is 6 but she’s 55 ._.), My grandmother, my grandfather, my mum (she cause most of my anxiety), and my younger brother. My parents are divorce but I see my dad A LOT. So this one time I had my two best guy friends come over and I was so ashamed because of my aunt, I was embarrassed by her. I was shaking and my heart was beating fast like I was gonna die. It was nerve wracking. I don’t know, I feel like I live in fear and it make want to die. Last year, dyfs would come to my house a lot and that’d make my anxiety worse. When I get a panic attack I shake, sweat, my heart beats crazy fast, I feel dizzy and that’s about it. I guess I worry a lot idk.

Okay the reason why I think I’m depressed is because I would cry for no reason, an think abou killing myself but all these here last year. My parents do know about it. So recently I was looking through old journals from when I was 11 and it all said “I wanna die” and shit. I used to hurt myself but I stopped but then did it again in November on the 5. I tried killing myself 2 times by drowning an choking, but this was all last year and now idk . But I don’t know if I have anxiety of depression, or if this normal for 14 year old. So what do you guys think? Please answer with detail? Thank you all <3Best answer:

Answer by Ben
Hey Blithe’s friend,

That sounds pretty intense. Firstly I can relate to the anxiety and depression, as I have had them both and I know that they can both control your life. Please don’t be embarrassed by your family, as people with mental disabilities or illnesses are still people with real feelings and there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about, if your friends think otherwise, well they obviously haven’t realised that yet, but they will as they get older and more mature 🙂 but yea, you set an example and show them that you see your aunt as being normal and they will be more likely to too 🙂

Okay yep anxiety attacks are horrible, when they happen just try to relax as best you can and trust that nothing is going to happen to you, just concentrate on your breathing and kind of yell STOP in your mind. And try to keep yourself busy and doing things you enjoy so that way you don’t have too much time to think about things 🙂

And yea you might be depressed, I know that can be a tough thing to get through to, but just hang in there and think about all the good things in your life and how lucky you are to have them 🙂 and just focus on all the small things that you enjoy and really try to get as much satisfaction out of them as you can.

But I would go and see a doctor as they will help, they have seen it all before so will know exactly what to do to help you get better. They won’t think you are crazy or anything like that. And you don’t really have anything to lose, at absolute worst they tell you you have anxiety and depression and try to help you get better and at best they tell you that you don’t have either. Just do it, it will help and they will be far more of a help than I am. But I hope you are feeling better soon and I hope this helped a wee bit 🙂

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