Rehab for Depression?

Question by Elizer: Rehab for depression?
Okay, so here it goes…

I have had depression for 3 years. I now have stage 3 cinical depression. Im worried for myself. I do cut and I have anorexia. My cuts are decently deep, I have social anxiety and i have abnormal sleeping patterns. I want to go to reha but how do i ask my parents to go to a rehab center. I also have ADD and go to a three doctors, a pediatrition a cychiatrist andd a mental health goverment counsler. I lie to all of them except my counsler sometimes. So nobody really knows, even now im not filling you in on full details. Just tell me if I should go to rehab (I want to,) I m suicidle and need help.
ASAP if posible, also links dont work on my computerso if you could just copy and past a article that be great

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Answer by Erin
If you are suidical, then you need to get some assistance immediately. Who cares what your parents think? Your life is on the line. Ask them to call an ambulance or the police, or do it yourself. Treatment sounds like it is needed.

Answer by Parapraxis
There isn’t a specific rehabilitation for depression, but there is ongoing therapy for it. More intensive treatment is available as well, going multiple days per week for treatment.

It all starts with you being honest with your parents and the people who are currently treating you. You cannot be treated for depression separately from the other issues you’re having: the treatment needs to be all-encompasing.

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