Can I Send My Mother to Drug/alcohol Rehab?

Question by Megan M: Can I send my mother to drug/alcohol rehab?
Another thing is that she lost her job so that has made the situation a little worse, but my dad and I have been there for her as much as possible. Its understandable at times, but the mixture of drugs and alcohol is getting out of hand.
My family and I are very concerned about my mother and how many drugs she is taking along with alcohol. She has many types of drugs she is taking, pain killers(from many different doctors), antidepresants, and many others for diabetes and many other health issues. We are worried that she is taking much more than is perscribed by the doctor, then she drinks until she is drunk while taking these medications. She is pretty much a zombie daily and my father and I don’t like seeing her that way. She can not go a day without taking her pain medication, which she probably is in pain, but is taking more than she is supposed to. She has told me in the last couple of days that she has been driving down the wrong sinde of the road and while on the interstate could not stay in one lane, it is very concerning, as she could hurt herself and others. I have been trying to research rehab centers and weather myself or my father could admit her. She jokes about oh well if i die you will have plenty of money from life insurace, which is not funny at all as id rather have my mother around than getting money. I am very concerned for her safety and her health. The other day she couldnt figure out how to start her vehicle and I had to get off work to pick her up. If someone could get me some info and how to deal with this and if we are able to admit her to a rehab center without her concent? She doesnt think she has a problem when we have discussed it with her. Please help, thank you!

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Answer by red bull gives you wiiiiiiiings
no no no

Answer by Avtriotic
I don’t know if you mentioned it in there cause i didn’t read it but she has to agree to go.

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