Refrigerator Repair Atlanta – (404) 445-0066

Refrigerator Repair Atlanta – (404) 445-0066
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A year after Sandy Hook, too little action on treatment for mental illness
Sam Brownback responded to the Newtown massacre with a plan to create five regional service hubs that would provide crisis intervention and long-term care for the Kansans most at risk to land in hospital emergency rooms or jails because of mental … Read more on Kansas City Star

Families outraged over teen's probation-only sentence in fatal DWI crash
The defense team recommended a long probationary term at a rehabilitation center near Newport Beach, Calif., with the teen's parents picking up the tab of more than $ 450,000 a year for treatment. Shaunna Jennings, the widow of the minister killed in … Read more on Fox News

Is Dallas society ready for Fellowship Church's sex-loving, million-dollar
The swanky boutiques that keep Sunday hours here — the likes of Dior, Diane von Furstenberg and Jimmy Choo — won't open till noon and 1, but the movie theater at Dallas' most elite shopping center is buzzing with activity, and none of it film-related … Read more on Dallas Morning News