Recovery Books for Eating Disorders?

Question by LC: recovery books for eating disorders?
FOr someone that has been in recovery for a couple months now, and has an eating disorder(anorexic), what are some good recovery books? Following a meal plan, and in the process of gaining weight, not having trouble eating, just the thought and body image problems. Are there any good books that are not for beginners and in the process of recovery? Helps you challenge your thoughts and gets rid of that voice in your head? Helps you like yourself more?

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Answer by xoxo
I can help you out… this is an area of expertise for me.. I suffer from ED as well, and have done a ton of reading.

My favorite/most life changing book:

“Wasted: Memoirs of Anorexia & Bulimia” By, Marya Hornbacher

Another good read is the very popular (more “staying strong in recovery” based) book:

“Beating Ana” By, Shannon Cutts It focuses on all the steps towards wanting recovery through staying in recovery..

BUT- From what you’ve described these would probably be the best……….

* “The Body Image Workbook: An 8 Step Program for Learning to like your Looks”

* “The Self Esteem Workbook”

* “Regaining Yourself”

*Life Without Ed” Jenni Schaefer

* “Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide To Recovery” Lindsey Hall

* “Why She Feels Fat” McShane

* “Do I Look Fat In This?” Jessica Weiner —- This would probably be the best choice! The writer gives so much insight, and delievers great understanding about eating disorders, and why we feel negative about our body images…

For helping with recovery it’s probably best to use a workbook of some kind…. it will help to keep you “active” in your recovery process… help you track and record thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that could be a cause to relapse! Good luck to you on your recovery journey. You can look any of these books up on Amazon.Com… Not too expensive at all 🙂

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