Qualifications for a Eating Disorder Facility?

Question by Katie: qualifications for a eating disorder facility?
Right now my bmi is only 17.4 so i barely just fit the underweight category but it fluctuates into the normal range. But I am expierencing all my old tendencies of anorexia which I was diagnosed with 5 years ago. I am also purging twice a day. Would this be even a extreme to go into a residential facility or program or should I just stick with my therapist that isnt doing much and I have gone to almost all the therapists my insurane takes already. I just want suggestions. I dont know if I am really sick enough for a facility considering my weight and purging isnt that bad but thoughts are.

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Answer by hope
People with eating disorders never think they are “sick enough” to get help. The truth is anyone who suffers an eating disorder deserves and needs treatment.

You are sick, your mind and your body and I would suggest getting into a treatment program ASAP. You deserve to be healthy, you deserve to nurture and nourish your body, and you deserve a life free from your eating disorder.

Recovery IS possible.

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