Addicted to Tylenol 3… Help?

Question by kickin` it old skool: Addicted to Tylenol 3… Help?
Okay so my aunt is now 42, nd she has been addicted to Tylenol 3 for about 15 years now. She takes around 12-13 caps everyday. She weighs about 92 pounds nd shes also bulimic. Shes been taken to the hospital a few times to get her stomach pumped. She goes crazy nd gets really upset when she doesn’t have her Tylenol. She gets 100 caplets almost every week. She goes to different Pharmacists around Calgary nd that’s how they give it to her. Her skin is a very strange color nd shes sleeps alotttttt. Her hearing is terrible. you have to repeat things to her several times before she understands. Ive called sooo many places a while ago to see if she can get some help but they all told me that she has to go herself nd want to change, which she Absolutely wont! she doesn’t think she has a problem. Im very scared because i know that somethings will happen to her. Her family obviously dosent care. I love my aunt nd i really want to help her before its to late.

Please tell me, what can I do? Is it to late?
Also i forgot to mention, she has been smoking her whole life basically. She strated when she was 12 nd smokes almost a pack a day.

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Answer by anonymous
ok well as you probably know…she has a HUGEEE problem with this and addictions are not easy for people to let go of or stop. they get comfort out of their addictions probably because of something that happened early in life, or they could just be depressed. I would strongly recommend taking her to a rehab center that is disiplinary, but first call them and explain her situation and they will also have tips. if she flat out refuses to go then you have two options; you could let her go and know that you tried to help, or you could drive her around in the car until she falls asleep and then take her to the rehab center while she is asleep and the staff there can help. either way it is going to be very hard for her and if she doesn’t want to do it then its not going to happen so all that you can do then would be to know that you tried to help and let it go. unfortunatly addictions are very over-powering and take over the addictee’s life as well as worry everyone around them.
you could try by starting to talk to her about rehab and ask her about her addictions, like why she started them and if she gets mad just explain to her that you just wanted to know why she has chosen this and you aren’t trying to critisize her. once you get her to open up try explaining to her how she is hurting herself and everyone around her and show how she can feel so much better and healthier if she were to stop. slowly try to get the idea if rehab or some kind of quitting (the addictions) process into her head and maybe she will check herself or let you check her into a help program.
but remember!, she won’t have any chance of quitting or rehabilitation if she doesn’t get on board with the idea of getting better. the patient has to be willing to do this.

good luck to you 🙂 and to her

Answer by kank
you could try by starting to talk to her about rehab and ask her about her addictions

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