Prison System Opens 're-entry' Center

Prison system opens 're-entry' center
Crews and Warden Walt Summers said all prisons have some programs, including high school equivalency and drug-rehabilitation efforts, but the new one will be the first with inmate transition its sole mission. The department is seeking funding in 2014 … Read more on The Florida Current

Novus Medical Detox Says Illicit Drug Use Affects Economy – Drug Incarceration
Florida-based detox center Novus Medical Detox suggests the use of treatment programs instead of prison sentences as the best means of ending drug abuse in the U.S., as well as reducing the costs of incarceration. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Medicare Moves to Tighten Oversight of Prescribers
Also in October, the Florida medical board reprimanded and fined Dr. Fernando Mendez-Villamil, who had been accused of giving patients as young as 3 a variety of mental health drugs without properly diagnosing or monitoring them. ProPublica had … Read more on ProPublica

Drug Addiction Treatment At A Drug Rehab Center Is Often Delayed By Denial Behavior!